These Older Celebrities Are Still Alike and Kicking Hard

Richard Van Dyke – 95-Years-Old, $35 Million Net Worth

WikimediaCommons, s_bukley

The legendary Richard “Dick” Van Dyke has enjoyed a massive entertainment career that has lasted over eight decades! He first became a famous voice, thanks to his time on the radio in the ’40s. Then, when television rolled around, he became one of the most famous actors in the world thanks to his appearances in The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Poppins, and, more recently, the Night at the Museum franchise.

While he’s now in semi-retirement, Van Dyke still likes to appear in the odd film, like 2018’s Mary Poppins Returns. However, he does spend most of his days relaxing alongside his wife, Arlene Silver, and enjoying his fortune of $35 million!

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