See The Most Incredible Celebrity Mansions From Around The World

From Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Gates to Kim Kardashian and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, see all the greatest celebrity mansions from around the world!

Sandra Bullock – $22.95 Million, Beverly Hills

Sandra Bullock

After years of renting in West Hollywood, actress Sandra Bullock made a massive upgrade to a celebrity mansion in Beverly Hills just a few years ago. And she did not hold back! The star picked up a $23 million house built in the 1940s that feels more like a massive park than a home. It has a two-story Tudor style home, complete with a screening room, library, and even a gym.

Meanwhile, the four acres of land the home sits on includes everything from a tennis court and pool to sprawling lawns and a private garden. As it’s just Bullock and her adopted son Louis in the home, they have plenty of room to spread out!

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