See The Most Incredible Celebrity Mansions From Around The World

From Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Gates to Kim Kardashian and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, see all the greatest celebrity mansions from around the world!

Jimmy Kimmel – Hermosa Beach, Estimated $8 Million

Jimmy Kimmel

When you truly love a location, don’t just move there yourself – invite everyone to move there as well! At least, that’s what late-night host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel thinks. Kimmel’s obsession with Hermosa Beach, California, started a few years ago when he purchased the five-bedroom, seven-bath home above for $8 million. Complete with a pool and a walk away from the beach, this home is truly a beachcomber’s dream.

However, it seems as though Kimmel didn’t just fall in love with the home, but also Hermosa Beach. A year later, he bought a small beach bungalow on the opposite side of town for a little over $2 million. Then, he purchased his sister-in-law a house around the same time for $2.5 million! There must be something in the water!

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