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Robert Pattinson – $100 Million Net Worth

Robert Pattison

Since starting his career back in the early ’00s, Robert Pattinson has remained a favorite of American audiences. From early hits like Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire and the Twilight series to recent favorites like Good Time, Pattison has shown himself to be a competent actor. As a result, today, Pattinson has an impressive net worth of $100 million!

Behind the scenes, Pattinson lives in a gorgeous single-story Spanish-style villa in LA, estimated to be worth about $2.1 million. Meanwhile, he drives around in a $59,000-worth Porsche Boxster Cabrio. Next up, Pattinson will play Bruce Wayne in the next Batman film, which fans can expect in 2021. Sadly, the actor contracted COVID-19 and had to stop shooting for a short while.

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