A-List Celebrities Who Are Unrecognizable Without Makeup

From Drew Barrymore and Jane Fonda to Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston, see your favorite celebrities without makeup on!


Female Celebrities No Makeup

Stylecraze, JStone/Shutterstock

Most of the pop stars of the 1980s have faded with time. However, Madonna, aka the Queen of Pop, has managed to remain relevant all this time! Today, it seems hard to believe that Madonna’s self-titled debut album came out four decades ago! However, even though she’s been famous for 40 years, the singer has no plans to slow down any time soon. She just released an album, Madame X, in 2019!

While Madonna has undoubtedly aged, just like everyone else on Earth, she can still give modern pop princesses like Dua Lipa and Katy Perry a run for their money! We’re sure her $600 million net worth helps keep her looking great.

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