These Older Celebrities Are Still Alike and Kicking Hard

Jane Powell – 92-Years-Old, $10 Million Net Worth


One of the last surviving stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age, iconic actress Jane Powell had one of the brightest – albeit briefest – careers in Hollywood history. After the triple threat headed to Los Angeles as a young adult, she quickly earned an MGM contract. Soon enough, she was putting her singing, acting, and dancing skills to work in 1940s’ musicals like A Date With Judy, with Elizabeth Taylor, and Royal Wedding, alongside Fred Astaire.

Sadly, as musical popularity diminished in the ’50s and ’60s, so too did Powell’s film career. Soon enough, she moved to the Big Apple with her husband, former child star Dickie Moore, and started working on Broadway, although she has popped up on TV shows now and again, most recently on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.

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