These Older Celebrities Are Still Alike and Kicking Hard

Ali MacGraw – 81-Years-Old, $6 Million Net Worth

Wikimedia Commons, AARP

If you don’t know, Ali MacGraw started her career as a model in the 1960s, before quickly becoming an actress. She soon became a household name, thanks to her leading role in the 1969 hit film Goodbye, Columbus. For that role, the actresses won the Golden Globe Award for Most Promising Newcomer, an award they no longer present. MacGraw immediately followed up Goodbye, Columbus with another lead role in Love Story, which earned her an Academy Award and yet another Golden Globe. Afterward, she continued churning out hits, becoming one of the top box office earners of the 1970s.

These days, however, MacGraw prefers to change the world in more direct ways. The 81-year-old doesn’t act much anymore, instead spending most of her time working with PETA as an animal rights activist.

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