These Older Celebrities Are Still Alive and Kicking Hard

Sophia Loren – 87 Years Old

Sophia Loren still alive

Mondadori Portfolio/Wikimedia Commons, Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Actress Sophia Loren is considered a gem of the golden age of Hollywood, as she is one of the last surviving icons of her time. Aside from her impeccable beauty, Loren’s acting track record is just as amazing as she is. With her success in films like Two Women and The Houseboat, she took home not only an Oscar and a BAFTA but also five Golden Globes!

Stepping away from acting in the late-1990s, Loren didn’t return to Hollywood until 2009, when she starred in Nine. After taking several Italian film and television roles, she landed a part in The Life Ahead in 2020 and received an AARP Best Actress award. Over the years, there have also been several books written about her life and a 2021 documentary about her called What Would Sophia Loren Do?

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