Diver Discovers Lost Airplane Graveyard In The Pacific Ocean – And Massive Secrets Hidden Inside

Brandi Mueller was on a dive off the Marshall Islands, when she discovered something incredible: an underwater airplane graveyard! How the planes ended up on the bottom of the ocean is an even more amazing story…

Diver Discovers Lost Underwater Airplane Graveyard

Brandi Mueller/Instagram

Like most other underwater photographers, scuba diver and photographer Brandi Mueller always wanted to find something incredible in the ocean. Over the course of her career, while she dived in plenty of unique locations, Mueller never uncovered any buried treasure or long-lost shipwrecks. As she grew older, the photographer began to believe she would never make an iconic find.

However, that all changed when Mueller went on an ordinary dive while on vacation in the Marshall Islands. During a relaxing day dive, the underwater photographer noticed a large, strange shape on the ocean floor. As she dove down, Mueller uncovered the discovery of a lifetime: a graveyard of planes, abandoned on the seafloor. However, that was just the beginning! Soon, Mueller exposed the strange reason why the aircraft had been left behind in the first place…

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