Diver Discovers Lost Airplane Graveyard In The Pacific Ocean – And Massive Secrets Hidden Inside

Brandi Mueller was on a dive off the Marshall Islands, when she discovered something incredible: an underwater airplane graveyard! How the planes ended up on the bottom of the ocean is an even more amazing story…

Dreams of The Ocean

Brandi Mueller Underwater Planes Photography

Media Drum World

While growing up far away from the ocean in Wisconsin, Brandi Mueller became obsessed with both the sea and photography. As a child, she managed to convince her parents to take several ocean-based vacations. Soon enough, Mueller also became an accomplished diver before the age of 17. “I learned how to scuba dive in New Zealand when I was 15 as a foreign exchange student,” Mueller recalled recently.

As she grew into adulthood, the young ocean explorer always dreamed of making an underwater discovery – something that would get her name into the history books. That day would come much sooner than she expected! It all started with the glimpse of something strange on the seafloor…

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